How to clean your mini blinds

Mini Blinds

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at is, "How often should I clean my blinds?" This is followed immediately by, "How do I clean my blinds?" Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you keep your blinds looking new.

How often you clean your blinds is really dependent upon you and your family, the climate you live in and the overall traffic that moves through your house on a daily basis. Your blinds will attract dust, dirt, pollen, hair, grease and even bugs!

Mini, Wood, Faux and Vertical blinds should all be lightly cleaned on a weekly basis. By lightly cleaned, we recommend simply dusting them off with a dust rag or feather duster once a week. Eventually, a light dusting will not remove all of the dirt, so you will need to be a little more aggressive.

Miniblinds are easy to clean and maintain. A good way to start is by opening your mini-blinds and going over them with a vacuum. Usually your vacuum will have a soft brush attachment. Run that over the slats, as it is a good way to get the dust. Then remove your mini-blind from the headrail. Lay out your blinds on a padded, flat area. Make sure your mini-blinds are in the closed position. Use mild soap and water (warm, not hot), you can use Windex glass cleaner or a diluted pine cleanser. Soap thoroughly, then rinse gently. Now either turn the blind over or open it the opposite way, and repeat the process. One important thing to remember is, after rinsing, allow your mini-blinds to dry completely. Make sure to use clean water to rinse with to help prevent water spots. You do not want to put your mini-blinds back up into the elements still wet. Give it ample time to dry.